iLog 2.0 coming December 2012

The title says it all. Thanks for your patience.

How to Delete an Agility Record

Since I removed the Edit button I get asked a lot how to delete Agility records. It is very simple there is a gesture that is standard across all iPhone apps, Swipe left to right over the record you want to Delete and a Delete button will pop up.

Email Problem

Any message you sent to me from this site between Dec 26 2011 - Jan 8 2012 I received it but it did not include your email address so I couldn't get back to you. Please accept apology and Contact me again with your questions.

Welcome to Dog Agility iLog

Agility iLog is an iPhone / iPad app that is available on iTunes. iLog is also a web based record book The website and the iPhone app are separate, But eventually you will be able to sync your iPhone with the database on the website.

Anyone can use this website as a record book to log and track your results from trials. Even if you don't have an iPhone. Read the "Getting Started" post below. There is no cost for using the website. Pass it along to your friends or anyone you think might be interested.

If you are interested in the super cool iPhone / iPad app I made, then follow this link to Agility iLog on iTunes.

And if you have any suggestions or feature requests I would love to hear them. Click on the link at the top.

Eric Larson
-creator of Dog Agility iLog

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iLog 3.2 Update Oct 1 Graphs!

Another update in as many weeks!! Dog Agility iLog now does performance graphs. So you pick your dog, class (Standard or Jumpers), and a Goal and it plots your yards (meters) per second. Really cool. This could be scratching the surface as far as what is possible for statistical analysis. If you have any ideas let me know.

NEW in 3.2.0 (Oct 1, 2011) -

  • Added Graphs page that graph your performance for Standard and Jumpers classes over time.
  • Reordered the fields in Agility Record to more logical groupings.
  • On Agility Record list view , replaced Time with Level.
  • Expanded the data displayed on the iPad in the Agility Record list view.
  • Moved the "Back" button from the bottom bar to the top Navigation bar for the Agility Record list and Dog list.
  • Changed 1st Dog Time to be Decimal Keyboard instead of Picker.
  • Added pre iLog QQs field and a total QQ field that combines pre iLog QQs and iLog QQs.
  • Added Registration Number for 10 organizations in the Dog database.
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iLog 3.1.0 Sept 16 Update

iLog has just received and update. Many fixes and improvements.
AKC PACH points, T2B, points are now calculated for Nationals and Invitational qualifications.

Here is a full list:

Fixed iPad 2 camera problem.
Fixed dates being off by one in agility record list view.
Added MACH Points & QQ for current year AKC Nationals qualification period.
Added PACH Points for AKC.
Added Prior MACH Points field and Total MACH Points field.
Added MACH Points for current year AKC Nationals qualification period.
Changed MACH Point calculations to reflect AKC rule change as of July 1, 2011.
Add "Time to Beat (T2B)" class for AKC.
Updated Facebook integration to latest dev SDK.
Customized for TDAA.
For NADAC added Regular Rd 2 and Jumpers Rd 2 to list of classes.
Customized for UKC.

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Bug fixes iLog 3.4 released

Agility iLog 3.4 has been released fixing the iOS 5.0 bugs and the Filter bug where the first dog wasn't showing up. Also added Title field for each venue where you can manually track your titles.

iPhone app - Dog Agility iLog


This video shows off the capabilities of Agility iLog for the iPhone available on iTunes.

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